Savoury Cart Buffet

Not everyone has a sweet tooth and our savoury cart buffet makes a great addition to all your events and parties.

We wil supply a large Victorian Cart, decorated to colour match if applicable and delivered and set up from any location in the North of England.

We can stock the cart to cater from 100+ guests with a choice of upto 12 items ranging from these examples:

Plain Popcorn – Toffee Popcorn – Salted Popcorn




Salted Nuts

Cashew Nuts

Onion Rings

Cheese Puffs

Bombay Mix

Mini Cheddars

Pork Scratchings



If you would like other items on the cart, then feel free to let us know x

Please email us the date, venue and amount of guests to cater for and we will get straight back to you with a costing.







Insurance: We are an established business and hold full public liability insurance & all other relevant certificates, which we will be more than happy to forward to your Venue on request.

Hygiene Certificates: Our staff are all hygiene qualified & approved to catering supervisor standard which is over and above what is required. Hygiene is our number one priority for all our services. eg: all jars etc are sealed until guests arrive and items kept in cold storage if required.

Freshest Sweets: The leftover sweets on any candy display where applicable are left and bagged at the event for your guests when a server is present. If the candy cart is left overnight we advise you to ask the hotel staff to put aside any you would like to keep as any left on cart collection are thrown away. We never ever, on any occasion re-use sweets from a previous booking and all sweets are delivered the same week as we have heard of a few larger hotels & venues offering similar services and storing the sweets for months which has a detrimental effect on the quality.